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Hot Springs RC Flying Club

Executive Committee Meeting Feb. 10, 2014

Dixie Café, Hot Springs , AR 71901


Mike Harrison, President

Doug Hinkel, Vice Pres.

Tony Gunn, Treasurer

Greg Skoglund, Safety

Joe Hickman, Secretary


Old business:  none

New Business:  

     The Treasurer’s Report was given by Tony Gunn.

The 2013 minutes book was given to Mike Harrison.   A motion was made to move the old record boxes from the mower shed to climate controlled storage at 122 Corporate Terrace.  Motion was made by Greg Skoglund and seconded by Doug Hinkel.

     Voting was discussed and proper procedure to tally the votes by email ayes and nays was suggested.

     Check signatures were discussed and a signature card for Mike Harrison and authorization for a monthly bank statement to be sent to him will be done by Tony Gunn.     The budget was reviewed and the membership projection of 50 was reduced to 40 members.

     A new member packet with a copy of the bylaws,  AMA application, Name Tag and a brochure on Cedar Glades Park of which Greg Skoglund has a copy was suggested.

     Field maintenance such as paint for tables and sealing the runway was discussed.  This project is estimated to cost $2,000 and will need to be voted on.  Mike Harrison will check with County and or get bids.  The railroad ties need to be stabilized with long nails and the field needs to be rolled. 

     Club cookouts and mowing sign up list need to be made up of two man teams.  We need someone for mower maintenance and gas.

     Club meetings should be three or four per year, preferably on Thursday evenings.  The Christmas party with spouses should be continued.

      Not for profit status is being checked on by Mike Harrison.

All decisions were unanimous.

The meeting began at 1:03pm and adjourned at 2:07pm.

Joe Hickman, Secretary


Hot Springs RC Flying Club Meeting

Colorado Grill

August 8, 2013

 Members Present:

Johnny Kellar   Mark Smith   Harold Ohlrich  Ray Held

Tony Gunn  Greg Skoglund  Ed Crahan  Trent Young

Sam Spearman  Joe Hickman  Mike Harrison  Dempsey Floyd

Greg Skoglund outlined the Wounded Warrior Fly In for Saturday, August 17, 2013 from 9:00am to 3:00pm at Cedar Glades Park in Hot Springs .  There will be a $15.00 landing fee.  A orange net fence will be set up in front of the bleachers.  Lunch will be $5.00 for burger or brat and a drink to be set up by Doug Hinkel.  A 50/50 raffle is suggested with half going to the Wounded Warrior project. Pilot meeting will be at 9:00am.

 Clean up will be Friday, August 16, 2013 at 8:00am, volunteers will be welcome.

Johnny Kellar will check with Scouts on a color guard and will let Greg know by Tuesday evening.

Mike Harrison asked if other clubs were holding an event.  Greg said North Little Rock and Benton were holding events.  Ed Crahan suggested contacting newspapers about the event.  Mark Smith has done an interview with the radio station in the Hot Springs Village .

Trent Young asked about 1/2 year membership fee and the fee would be $50.00.   Part year fee($50.00) becomes effective Sept.1 and extends until the end of Feb, the following year.

The meeting adjourned at 6:54pm.

Joe Hickman, Secretary

RC Club Minutes for June 20, 2013 
Members present: Johnny Kellar,Joe Hickman , Ed Crahan,Doug Hinkel.Mark Smith,Ron Stickels, Wayne Mercer, Mike Harrison, Greg Skoglund Al Heim, Dempsey Floyd, Carlton Haas, Carl Lindau, Tony Gunn, Steve Van Schenck, Jon Rynders, Harold Olrich, Clovis Norman, Jack Hord ,Sam Spearmen, Dennis Pullen , and David Ayars   Visitor

North South Runway Proposed Phases

Ed Crahan explained the Phase differences after a question by Mike Harrison.  Ed said Phase 1 would involve spraying roundup over new runway path and skimming off topsoil with a grader and fill low spots.  Then the surface would be rolled and let sit through winter.

Phase 2 would involve a decision if rock base is needed, depending on cost and quantity.

Phase 3 would be completion with grass or geomat or asphalt surface.  Geomat is a heavy plastic to stabilize the soil.

Johnny Kellar explained that the County Landfill supervisor Paul Thompson wanted a written plan before deciding on County participation.   Past fill cost was $350 for 20 yards.

The club group walked out and looked at the flags outlining the proposed runway.  Wayne Mercer suggested moving runway North to form a T.

Mark Smith mentioned the Gold Leader Club award certificate to the County is in process.  After more discussion on the runway, a show of hands confirmed members preferred a grass surface.  Greg Skoglund  made a motion to send Phase 1 and 2 to the County and the motion was seconded by Carlton Haas.  The Meeting adjourned at 7:00pm.

 Joe Hickman, Secretary

                                        June 11, 2013

May 16 2013 HSRC Club meeting

Who: All club members and model airplane enthusiasts including wives/significant others!

What: April non-business club meeting

When: Thursday, May 16, dinner from 5:30-6:30 (optional) followed by meeting 6:30-7:30

Where: HSRC flying field

Note from your Prez:

Guys, this month’s meeting will be the first of our summer meetings held at the field assuming the weather holds out! Unfortunately, our track record is not all that good! Yep, we will be treated with burgers and dogs prepared by the renowned master chef, Doug Hinkel! Normal charge of $1.00/sandwich. I’m thinking Doug has a surprise sandwich for us also!! Wives are encouraged to come and enjoy the evening. There will be no formal program as we have a wonderful field; thus, let’s all plan to fly. I hope to be there late in the afternoon to get in some extra flying.

Agenda for the evening will include:

  • Program: flying!!!

  • Dutch auction (see items for sale under a separate tab on this web site)

  • Show and Tell

  • 50-50 drawing

Thanks for your continued assistance and support!


Minutes of the April 23, 2013 Ex­Committee Meeting
The Ex­Committee met at the Colonial for a breakfast meeting on Tuesday April 23, 2013 and
the following items were discussed:
1. All Ex­Committee members were present except Greg Skoglund who was out of town.
2. The meeting was called to order by President Mark Smith.
3. The Treasurer’s report was read by club Treasurer Tony Gunn. Approved
4. A new club roster was discussed and will be presented to the club within the next couple of
weeks. The roster will include the members name and AMA number. The social roster (address,
spouse’s name, phone number, etc...) can be obtained by current club members from the
Secretary (Johnny Kellar).
5. An application for membership form has been asked for and put together for people wishing to
join the club and copies will be left at the field.
6. Notification of the May 4th Fun Fly will be resent to surrounding clubs and members. Landing
fees ($10) will be charged for this event.
7. The mowing schedule has been completed for April ­ October 2013. Thanks to all who are
helping keep the field in great condition.
8. Friday May 3rd, we will mow and weed eat the field for the event the following day. Any who
can come early on Saturday morning to help set up the cooking, pilot area, and etc..., please let
one of the officers know that you can help. There will be a safety meeting for all pilots before the
9. The Ex­Committee voted to provide a complementary Model Aviation Magazine subscription to
the Garland County Library. Approved
10. Partial and half year dues was discussed and the bylaws read that “dues are from March ­
February. September 1 ­ February is 50% of the annual rate”. Any change would require a
two­thirds majority vote of the club membership. Tabled.
11. Vice­President Ed Crahan gave the report of the North­South runway committee. A 300­400
feet long runway is the goal. Cons for this would be parking for events and auto and four wheeler
unauthorized usage.  Geo­Thermal mat verses grass runway was discussed. Phased approach
and type of base was discussed. The decision was to prepare a written report to bring before the
club membership with Ed giving the report to everyone at the next club meeting at the field.

The Hot Springs RC Flying Club held a business meeting at the Cedar Glades Park flying field at

noon on March 9, 2013 and the following are the minutes of that meeting.

The meeting was called to order by club president Mark Smith and the minutes of the December

2012 meeting were approved. There were 16 members in attendance, which was a quorum plus

2 members.

1. First order of business was the Treasurer’s report that was read by Mark Smith since

Treasurer Tony Gunn was not able to attend and approved.

2. The report of paid 2013 members (30) was given and the fact that dues are due March 1 and

that the membership roll will be updated on April 1 was made note of. There also was a short

discussion of the dues structure and they will be the same as in the past.

3.  The porta potty clean out schedule was changed to be cleaned out weekly in the spring thru

summer months for a fee of $85.00 per month, up from $80.00 for a biweekly winter fee.


4.  Discussion of not publishing the sensitive information of the club and the email, phone, home

address and other private information of the club membership on the club web site was brought

up.  The decision of the group was to keep this within the paid members only.  That is, if

someone wants the balance of the club bank account, call the Treasurer or the President.

Members information should come from the Secretary or President  and so forth, this

information had been made public in the past, but in order  to protect the privacy of the club and

membership, will now not be published outside of the paid members. Approved

5.  The Spring and Fall fun fly events were discussed and the Spring event will be May 4 and the

Fall event will be set at the next meeting. The May 4 event will be a non­sanctioned event open to

the membership and other AMA members of other clubs with a $10.00 landing fee that includes

a lunch (hamburger/hot dog, chip and drink). We are looking for a person to head this event.

Approved.  The Fall event will be headed up by Greg Skoglund and will be a Scale Warbirds

event to honor all who have served our country. The date of early November was discussed, but

after discussion, that date will be changed to late September/early October due to weather

considerations. Greg will be getting a committee together to firm up the date and agenda of this


6.  The cleanup of the field before the May 4 event was discussed and due to the Texarkana

event on April 27, we will cleanup day on April 20.  Part of the cleanup will involve painting of the

poles of the awning and Saturday, April 20 will be dedicated to this with a free lunch for those

participating in the cleanup. Approved.

7.  The Ray Weber memorial will be Saturday, March 16 at the field.  The Weber family will arrive

at the field around 10:00am. At 11:00am, time will be open for those who wish to say a few

words about Ray.  Lunch will be catered from Smoking in Style Barbecue at 11:30 am, paid for

by the Weber family.

8.  Changes to the bylaws were discussed and the following was approved.

a: The name of the club will be changed from Hot Springs RC Club #676 to Hot Springs

RC Flying Club #676. Approved.

b:  Add the Safety Officer to the elected officers of the club (President, VP, Secretary,

Treasurer) and the Executive Council, as per AMA rules. Approved.


c: Change the wording on committees (sunshine, telephone, etc) to read “committees

shall be formed as needed”. Approved.

9.  Ed Crahan, VP,  gave a report on the committee for the North/South runway (Ed, Ray Weber,

Glen Leavell and Johnny Kellar) and due to Ray’s passing had been hampered. Different

surfaces and grass have been looked at and the various costs and limitations of each was

discussed. Also, a member of the club with excavating experience is needed to fill Ray’s

position. More to follow on this at the next business meeting.

10.  Mike Harrison gave a report on the AMA grant extension of the east end of the runway.  The

person providing the dirt and machinery has been hampered by the weather and will continue

this project soon.  There is still money from this grant available to finish this project in the club


Motion was made to adjourn the meeting and approved.     MARCH 9 2013

March 6, 2012

The March 6, 2012 meeting of the Hot Springs RC Club was held at Hawg’s Pizza and was attended by 24 club members and several wives.  There were 2 new members (Al Hiem and Clovis Norman) in attendance.
1. The meeting was called to order by President Glenn Mouille.
2. Reading of the minutes from the January meeting was presented by Johnny Kellar and approved.
3. The Treasury report was read by Ron Stickles and approved.
4. Old business was presented next :
        a: changes to bylaws -voting on new changes postponed until next meeting. approved.
                                -changes approved in January meeting (allowing notification and voting by email, and increase out-of-pocket spending without a vote increased from $300 to $750) added to to bylaws.
        b: Ama grant for field improvements - time extended for completion by Ama and discussion (Mike Harrison) of spending up to $500.00 to push down piles of dirt. approved.
5. New business was discussed:
        a: fun fly  time and money to be spent was discussed (Saturday May 19). approved.
        b: workday - time to be set later - was voted and approved.       
        c. safety officer - Mark Wilson has resigned and Mark Smith was voted on as the new safety officer. Also, bylaws will have to be amended to comply with Ama rules about this position for us to participate in the insurance program they provide.  approved.
        d. members 80 years of age and older having option to pay dues @ 50% ($50.00) was discussed and voted on. vote was to defeat this motion with no nay votes.
6. Motion was made to end the club business meeting. approved
7. Mark Smith gave a presentation  on installation of servo’s .
8. A good time was had by all in attendance.
9. List of people who have signed-up to be on the mowing list:
        Glenn Mouille        Trent Young        Fred Dillard        Greg Skoglund        Tony Gunn
        Steve Steven        Bob Barton        Ray Weber        Mark Smith                Ted Mahn
        Wayne Mercer                        Ron Stickels




May 1, 2012

Meeting of Hot Springs RC Flyers:

1.  Note Sonny Thomas in the hospital. (He is at home now)
2.  New member Joe Hickman has a Corsair and is learning to fly.
        100 Valleyview
        Hot Springs, ar 71901
3.  12 members were in attendance, we needed 26 for a quorum, so no changes in by-laws was voted on.
4.  Minutes of March meeting were read and approved.
5.  Treasurer’s report was read and approved.
6.  Field improvements- dirt and seed was discussed - Mike Harrison was not in attendance, so no update on grant from AMA improvements he has handled- approved.
7.  Old business- May 19th fly-in cooking help and work day discussed. The Friday before, May 18th will be a workday for setting up the field and getting it ready for the Saturday fly-in.
8.  New business
- Hot Springs Village, Magellen Golf Course, 7th of July  flying event discussed. Steve Stephen is in charge of this event and presented photos and information on this event. 
It will be from 10:00am until 2:00pm on July 7th.  Other details will be presented as this event approaches.
        - Oaklawn Jockey Club has invited the club to fly July 3rd at the racetrack again.  Trent Young is the point man on this event.  Tuesday the 3rd will be this event and more information will be presented as this event approaches.
        - Spreading of topsoil was discussed, Johnny Kellar is going to spread this. If additional soil is needed, we have access to more as approved by the club.
        - Saturday informal flying and lunch cooking events will be established on a week to week basis and posted each week.
9.  Meeting was adjourned.



the june 2012 meeting of the hs rc flyers club was at the airfield in cedar glades park.  there were 18 members in attendance.  the meeting was called to order by club president glenn mouille.  the club treasurer was not in attendance and the treasurer’s report was presented by club secretary johnny kellar.
1. Treasurer’s report was read and approved.
2.  new member doug hinkel was presented to the club.
3.  old business:
        a: mike harrison presented the update on the field improvements to date.  this fall will culminate improvements  when the weather cools off.  check to springlake church camp was presented for the donation of John Jenkins time and material.  $3000.00 remains in the club from AMA and $2000.00 from club remains (total of $5000.00) for field improvements.
        b.  steve steven presented the update on the flying event at hot springs village, magellen golf course and all aspects of the conditions of the village and the club (flight line, flagger, and boundry limits)  were discussed for this event.  ted mann has agreed to mc the event.
        c. mark smith presented report on what steve steven and gil frahm have done with the school of mathmatics and science and presented award from AMA to each of them.       
4. new business       
        a. motion was made and approved for the purchase of 6 new chairs with a limit of $150.00
        b. glenn mouille presented an event for the boy scouts this fall and discussion for this event and possibility of club training and working with 125 cub scouts and 130 boy scouts.  a friday and saturday event with the scout troop in little rock giving  us a date.        
        c.  steve steven asked about a new sign  for the entrance to cedar glades park and the location was discussed.  club members discussed how and who to meet with about placement of the sign.  johnny is supposed get price and check on permission of placement. also, discussion of a warning sign for safety purposes.
        d.  event for fall was discussed maybe at the end of september maybe at the airport, but no actual time was set.         
        e.  christmas float for the parade was discussed, glenn mouille will investigate this.
        f.  hats and shirts were discussed and will be presented at next meeting.
4. Secretary’s report was read and approved for the previous meeting.
5.  meeting was adjourned.




Oct 2, 2012

Meeting of the Hot Springs RC Club:

There were 14 members in attendance at Perkins , 15 members were needed for a quorum.


Meeting was called to order by interim President Ron Stickels.

Secretary’s report for August was read and approved.

Treasury’s report as of Oct 1, 2012 was read and approved.

Report on the AMA grant balance and progress so far was read and approved.

Old business:

        1. Spreading of the pile of dirt was put on hold for the time being. Mike Harrison is going to contact the person who did the dirt work at the end of the field and see if he will widen the runway and level the west grass area so we have a north to south grass runway, for the balance of the money left in the AMA grant.

New business:

        2013 Nominations that were made at meeting for officers of the club are as follows:

                President: Ron Stickels

                Vice President: Mark Smith

                Treasurer: Tony Gunn

                Secretary: Johnny Kellar

                Safety Officer: Greg Skoglund

Nominations will held open until the November 6 meeting of the club that will be at the Garland County Library at 6:00pm. After all nominations are taken at the meeting, a secret ballot will be taken as per the bylaws if a quorum (15 members)  are present. A simple majority is all that is needed for a win.  If a quorum is not present at the library, then we will open the balloting to email voting until Friday, November 9 at 8:00 am.  The winner will be announced but no totals given as per the bylaws

 A lost and found box will be placed in the club house for any items that have been found at the field.

 We are trying to get the Christmas party: We are expecting 50-60 people (too big for Mark Smith’s house) to attend and are looking for someplace with a large room:

KJ,s Coltons, Brickhouse, The Boat House (Doe’s), were suggested. Suggestions will be taken until the November 6th meeting when we will decide where this will be. Mark Smith has volunteered to head this up.

 There was discussion of limiting spectators away from the pilots on any given day. The problem is, Cedar Glades Park is a public park and we are under the rules for a public facility. Supposedly, whomever is there first has user rights. According to the people in charge of the park this is State policy.  Mike Harrison is of the opinion that we could contact the State of Arkansas and get around this, but at this time we have to abide by what the lady from the State told the club a couple of years ago.

 The Boy Scouts and the Cub Scouts are having a Camporee at Cedar Glades Park on October 26, 27 and 28th.  The Scout office asked me if we could buddy box some of the Scouts on the 28th.  Greg Skoglund said he would buddy box and if any of the other members want to do this let me know. I am also trying to find out from AJ where the Scouts will be camping in the park. If they are camping in any of the overfly areas of the park, we will have to close the airfield and not be able to buddy box them until these areas are cleared. There could be 100 to 200 Scouts plus adults for this event. More to follow.

 We will be having a work day Friday, October 19th at 9:00 am to prep the field for the Fun Fly on Saturday the 20th.  All members are encouraged to help if you can, flying is expected to take place afterward. Flyers for this event have been sent to 21 clubs in the southwest quarter of the State of Arkansas. Little Rock to Fort Smith to Texarkana To El Dorado. If any of you want any other clubs or organizations added to this list notify me and I will add to this list. Hobby shops were suggested.

 We will be treating the fire ants before the event, any help with this will be appreciated.

 We are considering a Dutch Auction at the Fun Fly (auctioneer holds up item and sets price, if no one raises their hand, auctioneer lowers price and first person who raises their hand wins it) with the proceeds going to the club. Any items you wish to donate to this cause will be appreciated. I am donating a couple of OS 25 engines, what about you?

Meeting was adjourned.      

DEC  18th  2012  
The executive council met Tuesday morning to discuss 2013 needs and
wants for the Hot Springs RC Club. The following topics were
1.  Gil is in need of up to $75.00 to finish the construction of the
plane at the school of math and science, which was approved.
2.  Updates to the wording of the bylaws that was done by an appointed
committee in 2012 but never voted on was discussed and will be
submitted to the club for voting by email.
3.  The January meeting will be at Perkins on Jan 17th from 6:30 pm
until 7:30 pm. This will be a non-business meeting that will be an eat
(if you wish) and program presentation.
4.  Gil has the new web site up and running ( and
we discussed how better to utilize this tool. Beginning in January
2013 all business meeting minutes will be posted to the web site for
viewing and Gil has also gotten a For Sale listing going.
5.  Doug Hinkle and Billy Epperson have taken over the "cooking of
lunch" duties from Mark Smith and it is the intention of the committee
to continue this popular part of our flying experience.
6.  Don Balm has indicated that he would head up an Float Fly event at
Hot Springs Village and is currently working on that.
7.  The additional field improvements (a north/south grass runway) has
been taken over by VP Ed Crahan who will be forming a committee for
8.  Greg Skoglund, our safety officer will be sending safety updates
to us all and the committee approved a flying line being put down on
the field. An instructor pilot program will also be put in place so
that we will be in compliance with AMA rules and the club will be
covered insurance wise on new pilots in training.
9. Spring and Fall fun fly's were discussed and supported by the
officers. We will look at dates which don't conflict with other local
events. Greg suggested we host a War Birds fly-in around Veterans Day
as our fall event. Greg has volunteered to head-up this event.

The meeting was adjourned.

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